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Coffeemaker Reviews

black and descker 5 cup Black and Deck 5 Cup Coffeemakers

It has a built in digital clock and timer, which is easy to read and set. It also has a nonstick plate and a water level indicator.

black and decker 12 cup Black and Decker 12 Cup Coffeemaker

It brews just the right amount of coffee and keeps it warm for two hours with its keep warm plate. You can easily set it to brew in the morning before leaving for work or errands.

bunn btx Bunn BTX

This Bunn model of coffeemaker is made for household use and makes a 10 cup pot of coffee in only 3 minutes. I have always loved the flavor and the convenience of coffee made in professional Bunn coffeemakers in businesses and cafes and am so thrilled that the same features are available for home use.

bunn grx Bunn GRX

The Bunn GRX Coffee Maker is a type of contemporary coffee maker with innovative technology that makes it a highly technological piece of equipment as well.

bunn nhbx Bunn NHBX

It proved to be interesting buy. First of all, setting it up to work properly is certainly not “plug it in and wait” option as it took about fifteen minutes to get it ready to work properly with the help of company provided instructions.

cuisinart brew central Cuisinart Brew Central

This is a top of the line coffee maker. It has various programmable functions that are easy to use and an easy to follow instruction manual.

cuisinart grind and brew Cuisinart Grind and Brew

On the surface, the Cuisinart Cup-O-Matic seems to have what it takes to be a powerhouse in the home coffee brewing world. It is versatile, sleek, and full of features.

delonghi DeLonghi 10 Cup Coffeemaker

The right cup of coffee is essential for waking up on the right foot. The DeLonghi 10 Cup Coffee Maker promises to be that coffee maker.

delonghi 12 cup DeLonghi 12 Cup Coffeemaker

As far as your average, not too expensive, coffee makers are concerned, the DeLonghi 12 cup coffee maker is an excellent buy.

delonghi 4 cup DeLonghi 4 Cup Coffeemaker

One of our favorite coffee makers thus far considering the nice contours of the sturdy design and some of the updated features it includes as well.

gevalia 8 cup coffeemaker Gevalia 8 Cup Coffeemaker

Gevalia’s gourmet coffee makers are very popular, not only for their functionality, but also for their chic appearance and price. The Gevalia 8 cup coffee maker, without a doubt, follows suit.

gevalia for two Gevalia Coffeemaker for Two

The Gevalia For Two Coffee Maker is perfect for households with only one or two coffee drinkers. It is even more perfect if those coffees are to go. This particular machine is designed to brew either one or two mugs of coffee at a time.

gevalia 12 cup with coffee mug pictured Gevalia 12 Cup Coffeemakers

The Gevalia 12 Cup Coffee Maker is designed for people who drink quite a bit of coffee on a regular basis, but don't need a lot of bells and whistles. While this solid little coffee maker seems to be able to handle quite a bit of wear and tear.

hamilton beach eclectrics Hamilton Beach Eclectrics

The Hamilton Beach Eclectrics (some confuse the name by calling it the Electrics) coffeemaker is an excellent option for any coffee lover with an on-the-go lifestyle.

hamiton beach brewstation Hamilton Beach Brewstation

The Hamilton Beach Brewstation Coffee Maker is a new high efficiency coffee maker with relatively decent technology abilities.

keurig elite Keurig Elite

Keurig is one of the leading single cup coffee brewing companies in the world today. This company had a vision that each cup of coffee should be as fresh as the first cup. In less than one minute, you can enjoy your favorite coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

keurig mini coffeemaker Keurig Mini Coffeemaker

The coffee tastes great! I was mostly impressed with the way the Mini Brewer fit so easily in my cubicle. A coffee maker for your personal workspace.

keurig office pro Keurig Office Pro

The Keurig Office Pro Coffee Maker is conveniently designed for the small office, and it is ideal for just that. You might not want this for your home.

keurig platinum Keurig Platinum

The Keurig Platinum coffeemaker is an all-around excellent coffeemaker. The Keurig brand was one of the original companies to create and patent a single-cup coffeemaker- and they’re still leading the pack in that area.

Krups Thermal Aroma Control is pictured Krups 10 Cup Coffeemakers

The Krups 10 cup coffeemaker offers powerful beverage-making technology combined with an elegant design. An extremely powerful heating system, perfect for drawing out the ideal coffee flavor without bitterness.

Krups 12 Cup Precision KM4065 is pictured Krups 12 Cup Coffeemakers

For coffee drinkers, there is nothing better than waking up in the morning to the smell of fresh brewed coffee and knowing that coffee is going to taste as great as it smells. This is one of the top selling coffee makers on the market.

mr coffee 12 cup coffeemaker programmable stainless steel with clock Mr Coffee 12 Cup Coffeemakers

The Mr Coffee 12 cup coffee maker is great for a home that has one or more coffee drinkers. It is great for when you have company over or are just home by yourself. There are different types of coffee makers available.

mr coffee 4 cup personal coffeemaker Mr Coffee 4 Cup Coffeemakers

The Mr. Coffee 4 Cup Coffee Maker has many great features for the coffee lover in your home. It takes up very little space on your counter top. It is great for a single or two person home. It only takes around 5 minutes to brew a pot of coffee.

Mr Coffee 8 Cup Thermal Coffeemaker Mr Coffee 8 Cup Coffeemakers

The Mr Coffee 8 Cup Coffee Maker is a thermal coffee maker. Very clean and sleek appearance in the stainless steel, it will match other household kitchen appliances.

Odea Go Espresso Coffee Maker is shown Saeco Odea

In the world of high end coffee makers, the Saeco Odea is a true champion. This coffee maker shows signs of innovative technology all the way from the touch lift drip tray to the ceramic grinder.

Primea touch plus coffee maker by saeco Saeco Primea

The Saeco Primea Coffee Maker is an automatic coffee machine that will allow you to enjoy everything you want with just a push of the button.

Royal Super Automatic Coffee Maker by Saeco Saeco Royal

The Saeco Royal coffeemaker is a must-have for any small business owner, or for anybody who loves professional, well-rounded, delicious coffee.

Talea giro coffee maker Saeco Talea

The Saeco Talea 00354 Coffee Maker makes espresso, cappuccino, and lattes what a great benefit to have this all in one machine.

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