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Best Home Coffee Makers

Best Home Coffee Makers


Need help in finding a coffee maker.  Here’s our view of some of the best coffee makers for the home.

Bunn BTX

This Bunn model of coffeemaker is made for household use and makes a 10 cup pot of coffee in only 3 minutes.  Bunn coffeemakers are primarily found in businesses and cafes and am this features the same for personal use.

A stainless steel design keeps it’s industrial appeal, yet will fit into any house that has stainless steel appliances.  The carafe keeps the coffee hot after it is brewed and there is a thermostat that keeps the water reservoir at just the right temperature.

Cuisinart Brew Central Coffee Maker

When it comes to keeping it simple, Cuisinart has succeeded in this model, with various programmable functions that are easy to use and an easy to follow instruction manual.  This comes with an adjustable temperature warmer plate so that you can decide on hot you want your coffee. 

What stands out most about this lower end coffee maker is the 3 year warranty, rather than the 1 or 2 year that is most common.

Krups 12 Cup Coffee Maker

This fully automated coffee maker that can be programmed to start or shutoff.  Although it’s not a needed feature, it comes with a water filtration system to remove the extra minerals from your water to ensure you coffee taste just as good as those coffee beans smell.

It’s one of the top selling products on the market and comes with quality, performance and safety.

Mr Coffee 12 Cup Coffee Maker

They all take up little room on your counter top and omit very little brewing sounds so it will not wake up those that are still sleeping.  Filters are easy to change and this is easier to clean than most other models.

A highly rated coffee maker that is priced between $25 - $100 and comes in black, white or stainless.  This gets a 4 out of 5 stars when compared to it’s peers.

Black & Decker 12 Cup Coffee Maker

This gets rated as a top coffee maker purely based on it’s price and affordability when it comes to style and features.  It’s a basic coffee maker that gets the job done.  The average price is about $20 or $30 - $40 for a programmable counter top version.  If you looking for a space saver, consider the under Spacesaver that mounts under the cabinets.

These are some of the best home coffee makers that have been reviewed.

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