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Where To Get Pure Hawaii Kona Coffee Beans

16 May 2010 No Comment

It is grown in Hawaii and Kona coffee beans are known for thier unique balance and unbeatable taste. These beans, are one of the most superb and luxurious coffees that you can buy.  This specific coffee bean happens to be produced on the slopes of Mauna Loa and Mount Hualalai, in the north a part of Hawaii, along with numerous areas located on Oahu.

[ReviewAZON asin="B0000V8IOE" display="inlinepost"]Purchasing fresh, gourmet Kona blend coffee will result in the best cup of coffee that's ever hit your palate. While Kona coffee's are higher priced than other coffe blends, they are absolutely worth the price. Besides, people from all over the world purchase this kind of coffee. The climate, which is made up of beautiful bright mornings and humid afternoons, is perfect for growing unique flavorful coffee.

Cuttings from Brazil were transplanted and used to grow the trees from which we get our gourmet Kona coffee beans today. In the 1800's, Hawaii saw Samuel Reverend Ruggles bring the first try of it's kind to the island. Because the weather and soil in Hawaii are highly conducive to crop production, many opportunistic farmers grow beans on large plantations. Kona coffee beans are cultivated over an area that exceeds 2,300 acres, as per current estimates. Kona coffee cultivation is now so successful that about two million pounds of the beans are harvested per year.

Blooms of tiny white flowers known as Kona Snow appear every February and March. The green berries of the Spring turn to red fruit in the summertime that resembles cherries. This is the time when the "fruit" is ripe and should be harvested. One of the things that make fresh, gourmet Kona coffee so exceptional is that each bean is carefully, hand-picked.

[ReviewAZON asin="B003BI1LUG" display="inlinepost"]The fruit is processed through equipment designed specifically to separate the pulp and bean, in less than a day from the time it is picked. The beans will ferment. Let them set for a half-day at low altitudes, and a full day at higher altitudes. The beans are soaked and then placed on a special rack where they naturally dry during the next week or two. After this, parchment is used for the storage of the dry beans. Interestingly, to produce just one pound of fresh, gourmet Kona coffee, it takes approximately eight pounds of fruit.

Gourmet Kona coffee beans are categorized by seed type. For instance, Type I has two beans per cherry or fruit, with one side being flat and one being oval. You will find Type II beans in fruit such as cherries. Further grading would be based on several factors, including size and type, moisture content, and purity. With fresh, gourmet Kona coffee, you know you are purchasing a higher quality or grade of the Kona bean. So to insure you get the very best cup of coffee possible always try to obtain the kona bean and brew the coffee in a French press coffee maker.

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