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Blue Mountain Coffee Review

11 May 2010 No Comment

Blue Mountain coffee  originates from the forested, slopes of the Blue Mountains. Today these mountains are mostly grasslands but some areas are used for the cultivation of vegetables, spices and the world renowned Blue Mountain coffee.

The first   new coffee plants seedlings were imported to Jamaica from Hispaniola in 1728 by prospective Governor, Sir N.Lawes. The mountain slopes were cleared to make coffee plantations and by the first quarter of the 19th century, Jamaica was the leading coffee producer in the whole world. 

[ReviewAZON asin="B0027C8DU8" display="inlinepost"] Today, Jamaican Blue Mountain java is considered to be amidst the best gourmet coffees in the world. To ensure highest coffee beans quality, the Jamaica Coffee Industry Board set standards for the java beans and the processing if the coffee wants to get the Blue Mountain Coffee label. Close to 90%of the island production is exported to Asia. 

Although some coffee estates remain, most of the beans are grown on small plots by local producers. Basically the farmers are not paid well some choose to roast and sell their own coffee beans. A lot of them can be found on the Kingston-Buff Bay road in the vicinity of the little town of Section. The berries are hand picked and roasted. The whole procedure is time consuming. 


The origins of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee 

The majority of secrets to virtually all of the worlds’ great coffees are awarded to altitude, volcanic soil and austere care for the beans. The Jamaican Blue Mountains are a majestic range of mountains forming the virtual backbone of Jamaica rising over 7,000 feet above sea. The densely wooded north slopes are looked after generally as forest reserves. This region is the center of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee cultivation. This part gets more than 200 inches of rainfall every year and has 5 degrees average air temperature, due to a dense cloud cover. These environment factors slow the maturation rate of the of the Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee fruit to about ten months from bloom to harvest, as compared to 5 to 6 anywhere else. This produces a bigger more complex bean, with a concentration of sublime flavor. 
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Volcanic Roots of Blue Mountain Coffee 

The Blue Mountains of Jamaica are like all mountains in the Caribbean the above marine peaks of ancient died out Volcanoes. Through a very long time of soil production, the nutrients deposited on the surface of these volcanoes are effectively botanical steroids. Centuries of biomass accumulation formed through the decomposition of variety of plant species has produced a premier soil of excellent quality.

This fact has been true across all the near equatorial Arabica producing countries. The combination of all these factors brought to the development of unique and flavor rich coffee that is famous all over the world.  If you actually are a happy owner of Jamaican BMC you should consider buying a proper coffee machine for the job. You can choose from many different  Bunn coffee makers  or you can go with one of many Keurig coffee makers.The new Keurig b155 should do the job well.


Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee’s Quality is No Accident 

The final portion of the formula is a combination of high processing quality and botanical husbandry of the beans from pulping to roast to a cup of gourmet coffee that you can drink. Some 60 years ago the government of Jamaica  passed the first of many laws establishing the boundaries of exceptional quality. It was first decreed that only coffees grown within a specific Blue Mountain region can be called Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. The regulations inform processors of acceptable levels of moisture content, bean size and other quality indicators. Each shipment of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is cupped and evaluated by prospective coffee industry board through rigorous cupping and only if the coffee meets their rigid specifications is the shipment allowed to be exported from Jamaica. 

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is world recognized for delivering a truly well balanced cup, with medium acidity, excellent body and smooth chocolate finish. Well-balanced, full-bodied with subtle acidity is the age old description that every coffee aspires to reach.  

However, if you are a coffee lover you will certainly want to taste Jamaican BMC and if you do,  you will not regret it. I promise youu that.

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Blue Mountain Coffee Review