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An Alternative to Kopi Luwak

16 May 2010 No Comment

Kopi Luwak is highly regarded as the gourmet coffee delight of Vietnam and Southeast Asia . Kopi Luwak is also known as civet coffee because it is made from beans that have passed through the digestive tract of the civet--a cat-like or weasel-like animal that eats coffee berries but cannot digest the bean at the berry's core. Kopi Luwak beans have their unique, "secret" flavors released by the [ReviewAZON asin="B001A4B8EM" display="inlinepost"]process of passing through the stomach and digestive tract of the civet and being treated by its digestive enzymes. There is no amount or technique of roasting that can bring out the subtly nuanced flavors of the beans better than the civet's enzymes, meaning that without this animal this great gourmet coffee delight simply could not exist. Civet farms, where the animals are treated as beloved pets, as well as wild civet preservations in the mountains of Southeast Asia have been created in order to produce as many enzymatically-treated beans for Kopi Luwak as there possibly can be, but the production still remains very limited .

However, since Kopi Luwak is the most exotic among gourmet coffees, it is costly. Many feel that they can't afford it, at least not much of it. And that is why Vietnam's most famous coffee house and coffee manufacturer, Trung Nguyen, has developed with the help of german scientists a brand of gourmet coffee called Legendee. Legendee is one of the world's most famous gourmet coffees, [ReviewAZON asin="B002RX7K06" display="inlinepost"]as it is a unique, enzymatically-treated coffee just as Kopi Luwak is, the difference of course being that Legendee is artificially treated with enzymes whereas the civet is needed to make Kopi Luwak. Legendee is considered to be the closest artificially-treated coffee in flavor to Kopi Luwak. Arabica and Excelsa beans are blended together to create this one of a kind formula.

Recenty Trung Nguyen has developed its Legendee Gold to have a brighter flavor and more of the traditionally Arabica aroma and acidity that many coffee drinkers love. On the front of the package they've placed a mountain symbol to stand for the high-altitude range where Legendee is produced and which gives it its unique and exotic flavor. A visit to one of many Trung Nguyen Coffee shops has become a staple for tourists visting Vietnam, and the trip can't be considered a full experience without trying a cup of gourmet coffee, brewed in a stainless phin filter And Legendee has rapidly become the gourmet favorite

So if you love gourmet coffee and you want to experience the extraordinary taste and feel of Kopi Luwak but you aren't sure you have the money for it, try out Legendee , which you can find to order online.